2017 Junior Winter Open Grand Prix

 Good news to our juniors had excellent result from NSW Junior Winter Open Grand Prix which was held on 29th &30th July at Victor Badminton Centre Silverwater. Thanks all parents support your kids and credit to all Dash coaches coaching. If you want to go through the result of the tournament, please go to below link: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=05278299-453E-4A41-9202-FB95678F2F67  Dash players result as below:U11BS Consolation : Huey Yin (Winner)U13BS: Deep Batra  (Runner Up), Consolation: Michael Su (Winner), Henry Chen (Runner Up)U13GS: Sydney Tjonardi (Winner), Rose Li  (Semi), Dorlan Xiao Consolation (Runner Up)U!3BD: Deep Batra / Dev Batra (Winner), Ryan Li (Runner Up), Michael Su :2(nd Runner up)U15BS: Ricky Tang (WInner)U15GS: Carina Sam (Semi)U15MX: Ricky Tang (Winner), Carina Sam (Runner Up)U15BD: Ricky Tang (Winner)U15GD: Carina Sam (Runner Up)U17BS: Ethen Chen (Winner), Consolation : Daniel Mui (Winner)U17GS: Carina Sam (Semi)U17BD: Ricky Tang (Winner), Ethen Chen (Runner Up)U17GD: Carina Sam (2nd Runner Up)U17Mx: Ricky Tang (Winner)U19BS: Ethen Chen (Runner Up)U19GS: VIctoria He (Winner)U19MX: Ethen Chen / Victoria He (Winner)Well Done