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DASH 羽毛球会是一个非盈利性的青少年球会。其宗旨是提倡青少年朋友们参加羽毛球健身运动,并从中选出有潜质的球员,因材施教, 系统训练, 培养他们成为出色的羽毛球选手。

DASH 羽毛球会于2005年4月成立于澳大利亚悉尼, 球会名字是由三十多名八至十四岁的小朋友推选出来的。委员会由热心羽毛球运动的家长义务组成。前上海队总教练陈新华、前中国国家队队员和世界冠军陈红勇、以及多位有三十年丰富执教经验的专业教练组成教练团。 委员会和教练团共同拟定训练计划并为球会确订目标, 希望利用有限资源, 培养出一批出色的羽毛球选手为悉尼及纽省羽毛球运动作出真诚的贡献。

在已往七年中, DASH的会员人数由最初的三十多名增至现在的一百多名。DASH 羽毛球会培养出多名出色球员,不仅夺得悉尼多项锦标, 而且还有多人入选纽省羽毛球队和国家队,出战全国分龄队际赛及个人赛事,并多次夺得全国及国际比赛冠军, 成绩骄人。

DASH 羽毛球会于星期五、六、日进行定期训练。 现正招收招收八至十二岁初级学员。

Address (地址): Thornleigh Brickpit Sport Centre, Dartford Rd, Thornleigh, NSW2120

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Dash Badminton Club is a non-profit youth sports club centralised at Thornleigh. Our aim is to promote badminton among young players and transform potential players through our high quality training programs into elite sportspersons to represent our state.
Founded in April 2005, Dash Badminton Club began with only a few members . Today, we’ve expanded to over 60 members. The name of the Club was decided and voted upon by our junior members. The Club’s committee is formed by parent volunteers who are also enthusiasts of badminton. Our coaching team consists of coaches with over 20 years of experience including a former Shanghai Team coach and a former China national player.
In the past four years, Dash has trained many outstanding players. Not only have they won numerous local and state-wide tournaments, the majority of them have also been selected into the NSW State team of different age groups, taking part in both team and individual events in national competitions, winning a number of national titles.
Dash Badminton Club holds regular training at the Thornleigh Brickpit Sports Centre (1A Dartford Rd, Thornleigh) on every Saturday 7-10pm and Sunday 9-1pm. We strongly welcome interested and talented players of ages 8 to 12 years old. For more training information, please contact us by email on